Handmade in Texas, The RailRoad Cross© is uniquely constructed of actual railroad spikes that once held together the tracks that stretched across our great nation!  The symbolic meanings between The RailRoad Cross© and the crusifiction of our Lord & Savior can be seen in the composition:

• The Spikes - Illustrates the Nails used to hold Jesus on the cross
• Barbed Wire - Denotes the Crown of Thorns placed on Jesus
• The Star - Represents Jesus, who is "The Light of the world"!

The RailRoad Cross© is available with or without barbed wire and in 8 different designs, which differ by the centerpieces used in the Star (see below).  Additionally, because each cross is handmade with barbed wire & rail spikes found in different areas of the country, no two crosses are alike!  At this time Soul Harvest is the only retailer that the artist has decided to partner with.  Therefore, you will not find The RailRoad Cross© in the typical chain stores with all the other mass-marked crosses!

Approximate Dimensions: 22"
H x 15" W
Approximate Weight: 8 lbs


CENTERPIECES  (click on images to enlarge)

Gold Cross

Ichthys Cross

Western Cross



Lone Star
Christian Cowboy


RailRoad Cross© (with Barbed Wire)


RailRoad Cross© (without Barbed Wire)